Save a Fortune on Taxes and Give Your Kids a Debt-Free College.

Backer helps you instantly open a top-tier 529 savings plan and build a team of backers for your child.

Save a fortune on taxes and Give your kids a debt-free college.
Open a 529 plan now
Over $52,000,000 saved

See how much you'll save on taxes with Backer and a 529 plan.
Use the money on higher education, K-12 private schools, and student loans.

My child is  years old and I can contribute  per month.

Our  family and friends can give  per month.

Backer 2.3x savings $8,450
Stock Market $4,130

* This hypothetical calculation is for illustrative purposes only and is based on assumptions described here.

Contributions to a 529 plan grow tax-free and can be withdrawn
tax-free to pay for education.
529s can be used for higher education, K-12, apprenticeships, and student loans. You can transfer funds within the family.

Your kid also gets a customizable gifting page.

Share a link with your family and friends to entice them to chip in.

Your kid also gets a customizable gifting page.

Share a simple link with your family and friends to let them chip in.

Earn cashback rewards

Get 1-10% back in your college fund when you make a purchase.


$50 to open account

Peet's Coffee

3% to 6% of purchase

Office Depot

1% to 4% of purchase


5% of purchase


$4 to start free trial

Ace Hardware

2% of purchase


$1 to start free trial

The Great Courses

$5 to start free trial

AMC's Shudder

$3 to start free trial


$10 when you sign-up

Backer is 100% free for your backers.

After that we charge a simple monthly fee. You choose the amount.

Your first month is free, so you have time to make sure Backer is right for your family.

We only collect the data we need, never share it, and use cutting-edge encryption and security practices to safeguard it.

Fair Pricing – Pay A Fixed Monthly Fee.

You Choose The Amount.


Are there any state-related restrictions I need to be aware of before opening a 529 plan?

There are no state related restrictions on opening a 529 plan and you are not limited to using a plan from your home state. If you'd like to set up a college fund, Backer can help you enroll in one of the country's best tax-free 529 savings plans.

Can I open a 529 plan without Backer?

Yes, you can open a 529 plan without Backer, you can find the list of available 529 plans here.

TLDR: What are the benefits of starting a 529 with Backer?

Backer can help you enroll in one of the country's best tax-free 529 savings plans in under 5 minutes. We remove the complexity and guesswork so you can focus on what matters: saving more for your child's education. We then help you rally family & friends to help. It only takes a few minutes to start saving for your own family or to send a gift to kickstart another family's college savings– and it’s free to start.  We also offer more ways to save, including cashback rewards for online shopping.

Is Backer FDIC-insured?

Most 529 plan investments are not insured by the FDIC, and the portfolio selection we recommend will not be FDIC-insured. However, we can change your portfolio selection if you prefer to be invested in FDIC-insured funds. Please email and we can make this change for you.

Can I transfer my 529 plan from Backer?

Yes, you can always transfer to another 529 plan. We'll even do the paperwork for you.

Can I withdraw money from Backer in case of a personal emergency?

You can always withdraw your original contribution without additional taxes or penalties. If you spend on a non-qualified expense, the “earnings” portion is subject to a 10% penalty plus income taxes – but there are a few ways to avoid or minimize this, which you can learn about here.

What alternatives to a 529 plan should I consider to save for college?

Most experts agree that a529 plan is the best way to save for college, but you can also save with something called an UGMA/UTMA account. These taxable custodial accounts are automatically controlled by the child at age 18 or 21, cannot be transferred to anyone else, and unlike 529 plans will significantly impact your child's financial aid eligibility.

How does Backer protect my personal information?

Backer uses cutting-edge security practices to keep your sensitive financial data safe. We use the strongest available browser encryption, secure servers monitored 24/7/ 365, and identity verification services to protect your personal information. We also maintain a Business Continuity Plan that establishes protocols for responding to significant business disruptions.